Yamaha SX 210 Jet Boat

 $892.50 per day

Pickup: 9:00 AM
Drop-off: By 5:00 PM
Pickup Location: Alamo Landing at Log Cabin City Park

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  • Yamaha SX 210. The feeling of twin throttle levers under your palm is only bested by the acceleration that two engines provide – The 110-horsepower engines, coupled to Hyperflow jet pumps, provided fast, smooth acceleration.
  • This boat will hold 10 people maximum weight 2200.
  • A full tank of gas is included in your rental
  • Please remember to tip your captain
  • We encourage you to review our links for Texas boat safety prior to boating on any Texas lake.
  • Please enjoy and be safe

Watercrafts are hours of fun but can be dangerous. Please follow all watercraft safety regulations outlined by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Per state regulations, anyone born on or before September 1, 1993 must complete a Boater Education course. We suggest all participants complete the safety course to prevent any accidents or mishaps.

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